Informes - Febrero

Esto dos informes fueron publicados en la edición de febrero. Uno habla sobre la vuelta de Soundgarden a los escenarios luego de 12 años y el otro sobre las raíces negras del blues, rock etc. Dentro de poco subiremos algún adelanto de la edicion de marzo.

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Anónimo dijo...

Buenisimos los dos informes, me encanta la información que dan sobre la música. Al fin buenas noticias para los fan de soundgarden :)

Holdyn Brand dijo...

From EEUU,
I am really impressed! Currently, in the United States it is "Black History Month." So this article is very fitting for the time. What impresses me most about this well written, well-informed, and clearly well-researched article is that it touches upon several important factors when it comes to the incredible depth of the global African American presence though music. The essence of the article underscores this: African Americans have contributed some of the greatest singers the world over is an understatement and when also considering the generes, the musical masterpieces, and the subsequent influences that the race and their roots have inspired all around the world.

This is why I am a fan of "Abiertamente"! The information covered through interviews and feature articles really transcends geographic borders and racial barriers. I am so impressed to read an article like this and pleasantly surprised by the fact that even in Mar del Plata, Argentina, through music, the global African presence is not just acknowledged, it is embraced.

I will be linking this article to my facebook and twitter for all to read!

Thank you Abiertamente!

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